Working at Chicago Bulls College Prep



Working at Bulls Prep is a rewarding experience.  We bring together the right people, the right culture, and the right structures to make CBCP the best place to work in education.  We believe that given the right team and learning environment, every student can succeed regardless of circumstances.  Our teachers are the key to this success, and CBCP allows teachers the freedom to do what they do best:  teach.  Our strong culture reinforces a calm learning environment free of distractions with a focus on academic rigor.  Our support staff pride themselves on delivering exceptional service.  We are always in search of the best people, and we focus on the individual development of each team member.  


Our Staff Culture and Core Values

CBCP’s culture is best summed up in one word:  empowerment.  The school is designed to empower staff members with the autonomy, structures, and accountability to have tremendous and rewarding impact in the lives of our students.

Empowerment for us comes in many forms.  First is the quality of the team.  We are a collaborative group who depend heavily on one another.  This is possible because our staff is dedicated to high-performance and excellent work.  It’s also possible because folks have predictable, protected time to work with their teams by the design of our schedule.  More than any other factor, people come to Bulls Prep and stay because they love the team with which they work.  

Philosophically, we believe in autonomy in exchange for results.  We operate as a meritocracy because performance matters.  The best people want the freedom to innovate and also want to be held accountable to high standards.  Having both allows us to continually improve as an organization.  The structures we have in place provide a consistent “low bar” that ensure everyone’s contributions are efficient and productive.  These include things like our discipline code, our cultural philosophies, and our discussion-based approach.  Beyond those, staff members have the freedom to innovate in ways they see fit, and we set people up for success.  Teachers receive individual budgets over which they have full control.  Our supply rooms are always fully stocked.  Communication is consistent and schedules are predictable.  Support functions like maintenance, discipline, and technology deliver excellent service.  

We operate according to these values because they create an empowering environment for our team.  For more detail, please check out the complete list of our staff Core Values here.   

What We Look For

Successful team members at CBCP most often have the following characteristics:

  • Have a track record of measurable performance
  • Own their results and carry an internal locus of control
  • Are fun, humorous, and kind
  • Are innovative and can structure ambiguity
  • Hold high expectations
  • Are methodical thinkers and planners
  • Fail well
  • Fit with our culture
  • Are self-aware, humble, and reflective
  • Are data and detail-oriented
  • Make others and the organization better

Please take the time to meet our current staff members via the link below.

Meet Our Staff